Advocates speak out on anti-abortion bills passed by the Texas Senate

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — A number of women’s rights advocates are speaking out over several abortion bills that were passed by the Texas senate.

“It essentially puts abortion care out of reach of most Texans,” said Aimee Arrambide, the Executive Director for AVOW an abortion rights advocacy group.

A total of seven abortion bills are making their way through the Texas house, women’s rights advocates say the probability of these bills becoming law is high which is quite alarming and would affect minority groups. 

“The majority of people who access abortion care parents, people of color, people in marginalized societies in communities, will not be able to access abortion care at all in Texas,” said Arrambide.

The bill that’s causing the most concerns among the group is HB1515 or SB8 because it would prohibit abortions at around six weeks.

“Most people don’t know they’re pregnant before six weeks so that is essentially banning abortion for a lot of people,” said Zaena Zamora, Executive Director for Frontera Funds.

While that’s one thing the bill is raising concerns for, Zamora adds there’s a lot more that it entails that could be detrimental to people’s lives.

“It has language in it that allows for people to sue anybody who aids and abets someone getting an abortion,” said Zamora.

This is causing a stir for abortion advocates, but pro-life advocates say the passing of these bills is a great step forward.

“The human life protection act is great because we say it’s protection from conception to heartbeat to birth at whatever level the supreme court scales back,” said Amy O’Donnell, the Director of Communications for Texas Alliance for Life.

The bills are currently waiting in the calendars committee and waiting to see which ones will go to the house floor. 

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