Actor Willem Dafoe, known for his role as ‘Green Goblin,’ receives Honorary Doctorates at UWM

Courtesy: The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (ValleyCentral) — Willem Dafoe, Golden Globe Award-winning actor, has received an honorary doctorate at his alma mater.

The actor, known for his role as “Green Goblin” in the Spiderman franchise, earned the honorary doctorate of arts from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM.)

Dafoe attended the UWM in 1973 and 1974 before leaving to become part of Theatre X, which started as a faculty-student workshop and then became an independent experimental theater company, according to a press release.

On Sunday, Dafoe was presented with the doctorates moments before he addressed students at the UWM Graduation ceremony.

University officials spoke in the release on why they believe Dafoe represented UWM.

He is one of the most accomplished and gifted actors of our time and a great example for our students and graduates about how passion, determination and hard work result in success.

UWM Chancellor Mark Mone.

Additionally, Dafoe spoke about his time as UWM in the release.

My time at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was a very formative and positive experience… I was young and very unsophisticated, but eager to train and perform. I was totally involved and spent most nights on a couch in the theatre because I was always working and studying and didn’t want to go home.

Willem Dafoe