Activists Call Supreme Court Ruling on Unaccompanied Minor Seeking Abortion a Set Back

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The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a lower court ruling that resulted in the federal government allowing an undocumented teen, Jane Doe, who was in government custody in Brownsville to obtain an abortion. 

“And so that means that for every Jane Doe that wants to access an abortion there’s going to be a fight, the way there was for Jane Doe,” said Ofelia Alonso, a student organizer for Texas Rising, a campaign that encourages people to be more civically active. 

“That case could have helped other Jane Does down the line and solidify the idea that immigrant people have rights in America and that those detained are able to access abortions in the United States the way any other person could,” Alonso said. 

Those opposed to abortion are calling the ruling a victory for the pro-life cause.  

“The government was on the right footing with this request to the Supreme Court, but this litigation is definitely going to continue,” said Travis Weber, with the Family Research Council. 

Alonso believes the fight for undocumented immigrants’ reproductive rights is not over yet.

“But as of right now there is still a hold on the Trump policy, they are still able to get the abortions, but we don’t know how long that’s going to last and what decisions are going to be made further down the line,” she said. 

And Texas Rising encourages people to get involved.

“You can volunteer for Jane’s Due Process who is also involved in these cases and they always need people to train for their hotline,” Alonso said. 

The Supreme Court Case will return to the lower courts where the American Civil Liberties Union is fighting to block the administration’s policy. 

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