EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral)- The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office holding an active shooter training for the community on Wednesday. They are looking to get the community prepared for any active shooter situation they may face here at home. 

“We teach, run, hide, or fight. We don’t want them to become a victim,” said Sheriff Eddie Guerra with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office.

Following the Uvalde school shooting, Sheriff Guerra said his department has hosted more training. 

“We have put this program on for most of the school districts here in hidalgo county, for churches for our hidalgo county family,” he said.

DHR Health partnered with the sheriff’s office to prepare the community with medical and safety training. Doctors tell us more pre-hospital care can save a person’s life. 

“Stop bleeding, maybe attend to some of the wounds before they actually get to the hospital. Then their outcome in the hospital is significantly better,” said Dr. Noel Oliveira the Director of the Wound Care Center at DHR Health.

While active shooter situations can’t be predicted doctors say knowledge is power. 

“Both from a preventative standpoint and from an occurrence, then you’re very equipped to survive that occurrence and get out with a better outcome,” said Dr. Oliveira.

The active-shooter training was free to the public. While the training was limited to 400 people, Sheriff Guerra said they are planning on scheduling another training within the next two weeks.