At least three accused drug smugglers were arrested Tuesday night following a Border Patrol pursuit near Havana, according to a federal criminal complaint.

After receiving a tip about possible drug trafficking, Border Patrol agents began monitoring a black Dodge pickup truck.

When Border Patrol agents activated their emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop on said pickup truck, the vehicle “drove across multiple lanes of oncoming traffic and crashed into a fence,” according to the criminal complaint.

Border Patrol agents arrested three men who were found inside the truck, identified as Jose Manuel Guerrero-Guerrero, William Adali Mayorga-Garcia and Jakson Alexis Amaya-Zeron. Two other suspects were seen running away from the vehicle, but were not apprehended, the criminal complaint states.

In the bed of the pickup truck, agents found five bundles of marijuana weighing 232 pounds.

At about 2 a.m. Wednesday during an interview with DEA special agents, the three men said they illegally entered the U.S. by crossing the Rio Grande on a raft, according to the criminal complaint.

The three men also told DEA agents that they smuggled some of the marijuana bundles on the raft.

The men face possession with intent to distribute marijuana charges, according to court records.

Court records don’t list an attorney for Guerrero-Guerrero, Mayorga-Garcia or Amaya-Zeron, who remain in federal custody.