AUSTIN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Governor Greg Abbott called for a special session hours after the 88th legislative session came to a close.

Valley lawmakers are talking about the special session and the historic impeachment of the State Attorney General.

Many bills reached Abbott’s desk and several others were already signed into law.

However, some lawmakers say more work needs to be done.

Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick was at the Texas Public Policy Foundation on Tuesday where he gave a recap on bills that were passed and more.

Abbott will soon sign several bills into law including ending COVID-19 restrictions and mandates to even spending billions of dollars for statewide water projects.

The governor also announced a special session with an agenda focusing on two particular items; property taxes and border security.

Lawmakers can only focus on those topics.

“I’m tired of the dysfunction of the House in passing legislation in a timely matter and I’m tired of these points of orders on good legislation like the virtual school bill,” Lt. Patrick said.

During this year’s legislative session comes a historic impeachment.

“Well there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing,” (D) Rep. Terry Canales said.

A bipartisan group voted to impeach attorney general Ken Paxton after 20 charges includes bribery, fraud and much more.

“Perhaps we’re meeting with some lobbyist somewhere, but I sat and watched the hearing, I sat and listen to it and I began to count the felonies, I ran out of fingers and toes,” Canales said.

“It will be a fair trial I’m sure there will be witnesses I mean I don’t know what the house will present I don’t know what the attorney general will present but my guess is there will be witnesses and they will be put under oath and they will be crossed examined I’m sure on both sides and it will be a regular trial and at the end of that trial once the facts are laid out the senators will vote,” Lt. Patrick said.

The impeachment hearing is scheduled to start no later than August 28th.