A Look at the South Texas Genealogy Library

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The Yolanda Gonzalez Memorial Genealogy Library includes over 1,000 publications of research available at the Historic Brownsville Museum.

Yolanda Gonzalez was the distinguished genealogist for all of South Texas, her collection includes approximately 5, 000 pages of interview notes from her interviews with the old families of the region.

“The importance of this collection is paramount, especially with the young ones,” said Eugene Fernandez, Historic Brownsville Museum Manager. 

“A diverse range of people coming from all over the country, all over the world come in and they say ‘I am an Hinojosa, I’m a Solis, I’m a Longoria, and I hear that you have the Yolanda,” Fernandez said. 

The Yolanda Gonzalez Memorial Genealogy Library includes a collection of 50 extensive family trees, and explains in detail, the connections among the families of Brownsville.

“When they get to that age, where they have a curiosity about their roots, ‘Where do I come from? Who is my family? This is the place to find it,” he said. 

“It keeps heritage alive, it gives basis to the fact that ‘I am here now at this particular day and hour but what happened before? Where are the role models that were in my family?” he said. 

If you want to learn more about your family history you can schedule an appointment with the Historic Brownsville Museum at no cost.

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