‘A death happens and that’s where it hits you,’ cycling supporters push for more safety education in Texas

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — ProBroscycling hosted a bicycle ride-along on Aug. 8, further sparking the push for more education on bicycle safety.

According to Texas A&M Transportation Institute Researcher, Neal Johnson, there were 79 cyclist fatalities on Texas roadways in 2020.

“You have motorists that are careless, on their phones, and then a death happens and that’s where it hits you,” said City Cruisers’ President, Ben del Angel.

Del Angel told ValleyCentral he has lost a member of his cycling family in the Rio Grande Valley due to a collision with a motor vehicle. He blames the passing of a fellow cyclist partially to the hazardous roads.

“As of right now, there are very little roads [in the RGV] we feel safe in,” said del Angel.

Del Angel added that cyclist deaths are also not only happening in the RGV, but it has happened all over the United States.

Although the numbers for cyclist fatalities are high, del Angel said “there should be a lot more movement in bike safety or advocating for cyclists and unfortunately, there isn’t.”

According to Johnson, Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s ‘Walk. Bike. Safe.’ program sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation is actively working to educate pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, and drivers on what they can do to make the roads safer for everyone.

“The key thing we wanna do is reduce the risk for everybody,” said Johnson.

Through this organization, there are educational videos, presentations, and lectures.

For more information on bicycle safety, go to ‘Walk. Bike. Safe.’s’ website. City Cruisers will also have more bicycle safety education on their Facebook page.

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