A danger for those not vaccinated, health experts concern on the Delta variant

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — COVID-19 restrictions might be loosened in the state of Texas, but several doctors say there is a growing concern for those unvaccinated against the Delta variant.

Doctors like Cameron County’s Health Authority, James Castillo, said the Delta variant of covid-19 can be dangerous.

“Now that we see this Delta variant coming which might cause another wave of infections to anybody who dies at this point forward it is really preventable,” said Dr. Castillo.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s Chairmen for the Department of Neurology, Michael Dobbs said the Delta variant is not like the other variations. Dr. Castillo also agrees because he said the variant is far more transmissible. 

Dr. Dobbs said, “so this is a mutation that was first that I believe was noticed in India that is more highly transmissible then the other variations of the virus that causes covid that we’ve seen so far.” Dr. Castillo adds, “if a person says why I’ve been able to avoid it so far it hasn’t caught up to me yet while the virus is getting better at catching up to you and eventually it will.”

Both doctors agree that everyone needs to be vaccinated so they can protect themselves against the virus. 

“The one dose of the vaccine protects from the Delta variant only around 33% and for the prior variants, it was more like in the 50s. With two doses it’s about 90 percent protection,”  Dr. Dobbs said after he read a medical article. 

He also said the delta variant is about 20% of the new cases in the U.S. Whereas there are 28 cases in Texas but Dr. Castillo expects it to rise after 2 months.  

“About a month ago it was about two or 3% of the variance for Delta most recently and in the Texas area it’s up to about 6%.In about two more weeks it’ll be 12%, two more weeks 25% and 50% and then 100,” said Dr. Castillo. 

Both doctors agree that in the Rio Grande Valley people have done a good job of getting vaccinated but the community can do better. 

Dr. Castillo said, “even though our community has a lot of vaccinated people, it’s not at the level that’s going to offer this herd immunity.” And Dr. Dobbs said, “ it’s kind of like a storm you can see coming from miles and miles away. You have time to prepare just if you’re not vaccinated and you’re eligible my advice to you is go get the vaccine.”

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