BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A 92-year-old Houston Astros fan from Brownsville is making sure the team knows how big of a fan she is.

Ruby Jean Salas, 92, says she has been an Astros fan for many years. She used to go to the games when she was younger. 

Salas is now bedridden with congestive heart failure and wants to wish the Houston Astros good luck for tonight’s game.

“I want to text you and wish you luck and I wish all of my players. I have special players, and I have good players. I’ve been watching the Astros for 50 years. So, go good Astros! Win this one! Love you all!” Ruby Jean Salas said. 

Ruby Jean’s family surprised her with a Jose Altuve jersey, just in time for the game.