6-year-old dies from ATV accident injuries, family says “they’re thankful for so much love”

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Giancarlo Guerrero (source: Priscilla Chapa)

HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — 6-year-old Giancarlo Guerrero passed away “last night before midnight.”

On August 24, Guerrero went to Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance (DHR) in Edinburg, after being in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident north of Edcouch.

His aunt Jovanni Guerrero said he suffered major injuries.

“His mom had a broken ankle, some cuts on her face. There was little boy who had his pelvis broken, as well as a little girl broke her nose and her lip, Giancarlo was the one who was most injured of all. He had a cut on his throat, and he had some brain damage done on the accident, where he fell off,” said Guerrero.

Since the accident, Guerrero has received treatment for his injuries at DHR. His mother, Priscilla Chapa said there they quickly ruled out hope for him.

“Since the get-go, they’ve kind of just had us like ‘he’s stable, he’s good, it’s going to be a long recovery, but you know he’s stable,” said Priscilla Chapa, Giancarlo’s mother. “Then two days later they said ‘well we’re not seeing too much activity’ and it reached a point where he was brain dead to them,” said Priscilla Chapa, Giancarlo’s mother.

Chapa wanted to have him transferred so she could get a second opinion but claimed she was denied by DHR. She decided to go to court on September 10.

In a court affidavit issued on Thursday, Chapa asks for the court to allow Chapa to move her child to another hospital and issue a restraining order on DHR forcing them to provide medical care for Guerrero over the course of the court case.

The next day during the hearing, DHR agreed to provide medical assistance for Guerrero until September 25. The family got that moved to September 30th.

On October 2, Mona Chapa said, “Gian is surrounded by much love from all his family! We are overwhelmed having him home! He is ok. He did really good on his trip home!”

Earlier today, it was confirmed by Chapa that Giancarlo passed away last night before midnight.

She goes on to say, “we are thankful for so much love towards Gian. To keep praying for Gian’s mom Priscilla, to keep us all in your prayers and to remember Gian for the little warrior he was.”

They are working on the services and will be giving out the information soon.

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