4th of July travelers making their way to Brownsville SPI Airport

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     The fourth of July weekend is finally here and that means people are still trying to make their way to that long weekend vacation destination.

We visit with the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport to discuss security, travel tips, and more.

“it’s great! We’ve been counting the minutes! For our twin boys to get here. Oh and you too!” says Kay from Brownsville.

“i love it. I love that they’re here,” adds Jessica from McAllen.

Kay and Jessica are just a couple of many valley residents happily awaiting the arrival of other family members at the Brownsville South Padre Island International airport… where more than three million people will be flying in or out of for this holiday weekend.

“And of course we’re world famous, South Padre Island, America’s best family beach. It will  be full. People will be flying to see this,” says Michael Jones, Brownsville SPI Airport Business Manager.

And Kay’s family as well as Jessica’s are in fact looking to enjoy some beach time.

“We’re going to jump in the ocean,” says Sophia who is traveling from Dallas.

“Beach, beach, and more beach and music and… Beer,” says Kay.

But whether you are staying here or planning your holiday travels outside of Brownsville, you may be wondering about safety due to the recent terror attacks around the world.

“You look at the person next to you in line or across the aisle and you don’t know them and you think, ‘could it be,’ but then you try to put your mind back on where you’re going what you’re doing and getting on with it,” says Jones.

And what could help gain some peace of mind? The multi agency security efforts at the Brownsville SPI airport.. TSA, Border Patrol, US Customs, the city of Brownsville police, and airport security are all there.

“This is a great feeling for anybody coming in and out of the valley’s largest city. They couldn’t be better protected,” says Jones.

And if you or your family are planning on doing any travel this weekend, the airport wants to remind you to make sure you are at least an hour early for check in and in order to go through TSA security.

Also, don’t forget the weight limits on your luggage as well as the three–one-one on carry ons.

Liquid containers must be less than ‘three’ ounces, placed in ‘one’ Ziploc bag for ‘one’ traveler.

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