$23M bond program set to improve downtown Edinburg economically

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EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Downtown Edinburg is expecting new changes with the help of an approved $23 million bond program which is set to give back to the community economically.

Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina says the ultimate goal of the bond program is to turn downtown Edinburg into a destination site.

Molina said this is a moment he has been waiting for because downtown Edinburg has not been the same over the past decades.

Molina said the downtown area deserves to be revamped because there is so much to it.

He says the upcoming planned projects will not only help with future employment but also give infrastructure companies an opportunity to complete those projects. 

“There’s going to be more job opportunities for the entire RGV, if you look at downtown Edinburg’s area, it has struggled a lot to find its identity, we’ve been an 8 to 5 community-run off the courthouse,” said Molina.

Molina said it is important for people to know that those projects will take time and will impact traffic around the north side of the Edinburg courthouse. 

“The public is going to be seeing some movement and maybe a small inconvenience as they start the construction of the parking garage,” said Molina.

According to Molina, parking in downtown Edinburg is vital but the parking structure will take longer to complete compared to other set projects such as street beautification and the future Edinburg Arts, Culture, Events Center.

The parking structure is said to be a $10M three-story parking garage.

Molina said it will be a ground-level, mixed-use retail space to provide shopping and parking spaces for the greater downtown area including Hidalgo County Courthouse and the Promenade Park area along McIntyre Promenade.

The City of Edinburg would like to reassure that the upcoming projects will not increase city taxes or affect the cost of city services.

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