1966 Farm Workers March Commemorated with Plaque

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The legacy of the 1966 farm workers strike that began in Rio Grande City will forever live in Hidalgo County. County officials celebrated Cesar Chavez Day by unveiling a historical marker outside of the courthouse.

The marker honors the farm workers strike and march that sparked the chicano civil rights movement in Texas.

The purpose of the march was to demand fair wages for all farm workers. One of the people who participated in the march said this historical marker is a way to bring awareness to a lot injustices minorities face.

Efrain Carrera, former farm worker said, “This means that we’re finally getting some attention. We did have some attention back in the day, but this is a way to expose what is going on in this part of the country. We need to have some sort of organization, where if our people are abused, they have somebody they can go complain to and will listen to them and take action.”

A march to honor the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez and other farm workers will be taking place on Saturday, April 1 at Municipal Park in San Juan.

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