HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A new trail under construction in Harlingen will bring better access to cyclists in the community. 

A new hike and bike trail is paving the way for cyclists and runners to enjoy activities without obstructions. 

“You don’t have to traverse any streets. And so it’s all, you know, protected. So, you know, you won’t be running or cycling next to a vehicle,” Javier Mendez, the Director of the Harlingen Parks and Recreation Department said. 

The project is currently on its second phase of the four-phase process, which connects McKelvey Park to Dixieland Park with the use of three new bridges. 

“Phase three would be from McKelvey to Hugh Ramsey, another park that we have. And then the fourth phase would be Hugh Ramsey to FM 509,”  Mendez adds. 

This is a city initiative to make trails accessible to all their residents and neighboring communities.  

“We want to be able to provide that green spaces, parks, the trails for anyone in the region that wants to focus on their health and their wellness and to get in that exercise,” Norma Sepulveda, Mayor of Harlingen said. 

The funding for the new 1.7-million-dollar trail is a partnership between the City of Harlingen and Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation.

The Legacy Foundation is contributing 1.2 million dollars, leaving Harlingen to pay 500,000 dollars.

When completed, the trail will extend 4.9 miles. 

“We want it to be inclusive for all, so we’ll have challenging races and then the ones for the entire family to come out and participate,”  Sepulvida said. 

Cyclists are looking forward to the new trails they say it will be safer to ride without the dangers of riding on the street. 

Mendez said project should be completed by June.