MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Valley’s Jewish community is sharing their reaction to the horrific attacks that happened in Israel over the weekend.

They’re also talking about what they plan to do to remember the many lives that were lost.

“What should have been a very happy day of celebration here and in the land of Israel turned into a day of tragedy,” Rabbi Nathan Farb with Temple Emanuel in McAllen said.

Rabbi Farb says the amount of violence and brutality is something he has never seen in his lifetime.

“We know that there are, a heartbreaking number of people who have been killed mostly civilian’s families in communities, small towns, in the south of Israel, small farming communities not unlike what we have here in the county here,” Rabbi Farb said.

He says several people in his congregation have reached out to him and have shared their stories on how they have loved ones in Israel and they are worried about their safety.

He advises the community that if you know anyone with ties or a connection to Israel to check on them.

“Even though it’s far away it affects our community not just individuals but also our Jewish community here and around the world,” Rabbi Farb said.

The temple is looking to have a service for their children so that way they can better understand the situation and know how to respond if prejudice questions were to occur.

“It’s a shame that we live in a world where we have to teach our children about such things but the world is not always a safe place and we want our children to be prepared for whatever they might face,” Rabbi Farb said.

Rabbi Farb says they anticipate having a vigil to pray for restoration, peace and an end to the war that was just declared.