EDINBURG, Texas – Even with shelter-in-place orders implemented across the Rio Grande Valley, people are still actively heading to the grocery store for necessities.

Many people are worried about coming in contact with COVID-19 germs.

To help, one local doctor is sharing tips on how to reduce the chances of coming in contact with these germs at the grocery store.

Health officials say to plan ahead and have a list filled with at least two weeks of groceries.

Before hitting the aisles, disinfect your cart and commit to what you are buying.

“Just touch the items that you are going to acquire, to buy instead of touching a whole bunch of items,” said Dr. Leonel Vela, Professor at the UTRGV School of Medicine.

Vela says that there is no evidence to support COVID-19 transmission associated with food, but adds people should be taking precautions for everything.

Disinfecting any items that come from the outside is a good practice, said Vela.