Local bowling alley eager to reopen


HARLINGEN, Texas — Gyms and swimming pools are some the businesses around Texas reopening their doors.

However, bowling alleys and other businesses are still struggling while still closed.

“I feel like I’m letting down my family. My family includes my children as well as my employees,” said Brenda Creasey.

Brenda owns Creasey’s bowling center in Harlingen. It’s been months since the alley opened its doors.

“Shaken me to my core because I don’t know how things are going to be once they’re open. I know if people feel like I do, I’m nervous when I walk into the grocery stores now,” she said.

The bowling alley has called the Valley home since the 1960s.

In all those years, nothing has hit this facility so hard.

“We’ve gone through lighting striking our old center, our roof caving in and we lost two houses to fires. But I’ve never gone through anything like this,” she said.

Gyms and nail salons are picking up the pieces and reopening at 25 percent capacity.

Creasey is feeling the financial burden but wants to reopen when the time right.

“If they told us last week we could open I don’t think I would’ve because I just think it’s a little too soon,” she said.

The center has applied for relief funding.

While they wait, Creasey is optimistic families will be able to enjoy quality time bowling.

“A sport that everyone can participate. It doesn’t matter if you have a flaw, everyone can bowl and it equals out to everyone,” she said.

They’re also implementing new bowling regulations including having every other lane closed to create more space between families.

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