Juarez mayor goes home two weeks after being hospitalized with COVID-19


Armando Cabada urges border residents to avoid risky behavior, grieves for those who have died

JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – The mayor of Juarez left the hospital on a wheelchair Wednesday, two weeks after being hospitalized due to complications from COVID-19.

Armando Cabada said he would continue his recovery from home after spending 15 days at Centro Medico de Especialidades, a private facility in North-Central Juarez.

“I am saddened after seeing the suffering of so many people here,” Cabada said at a news conference in the hospital lobby. “I have a friend here who is like a brother to me and he’s fighting for his life. There are many like him. More than 1,350 people have died from this disease so far (in Juarez), according to official numbers.”

This is the second time Cabada has come down with COVID-19. He spent 10 days at home last May with a mild infection. This time around, he required round-the-clock care and was breathing with the help of an oxygen line.

His personal physician, Dr. Alejandro Ortiz Arroyo, said the coronavirus caused the mayor prolonged inflammation of the lungs and affected kidney and liver function as well.

“He will continue to receive care at home. We will be looking after him,” Ortiz said.

Cabada said he has been working remotely from his hospital bed and would continue taking care of city business from his home.

He said that, like many border residents, he underestimated the threat of COVID-19. “Sometimes you think you’re indestructible but you’re not,” Cabada said.

He urged people to avoid finding out first-hand how the coronavirus ravages a person’s body.

“Let’s be sensible,” he said. “Avoid going out, avoid getting the infection or passing it to others. This is a (terrible) illness that has struck many people around the world.”

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