BROWNSVILLE, Texas – A job listing by SpaceX is creating confusion and anger for one of the last remaining residents near the company’s construction site.  As we’ve reported, those that owned property near the Boca Chica Village were told their homes would be unsafe during launch activities. Since then, some made decisions to sell based on those claims. However, on February the 19th, SpaceX was looking to hire a project coordinator. According to the job description, the company was not looking to oversee the ‘Boca Chica Village,’ rather, someone to facilitate operations at a proposed ‘SpaceX Village’ for new tenants.

“It was kind of all a lie,” says resident Maria Pointer. “I think most of Brownsville will think that too, but we didn’t really have to move. There was no danger, they’re going to have a huge compound out here.”

Resident Maria Pointer lives a few feet from the company’s shipyard. She is SpaceX’s closest neighbor, best known for her documenting progress out of her bedroom.

Pointer has recently agreed to sell her house to SpaceX and has plans to move out within the next few days. She says that had she known living nearby was not impossible as previously thought, her decision would drastically change.  

“We thought we were in danger… We thought we were going to lose our windows. They told us we were going to have house damage. Elon looked right at me … and said, ‘you’re not going to want to be here Maria,’ and I believed him,” says Pointer

The job post is now deleted from the company’s website. Remnants of the project coordinator position can be found on search engines but accessing them take you to the SpaceX default job bank. We managed to make a copy of the listing before it was taken down. Among the requirements, the listing detailed a position to oversee a booking system of 100 rooms, manage repairs, work on plumbing, groundskeeping, and facilitate operations at something referred to as the ‘SpaceX Village,’ a name eerily similar to the now dwindling Boca Chica Village.

“If elected officials are going to lie an old folk’s retirement village just squeeze a dime out of us. what are they going to do to the rest of Brownsville,” says Pointer, “to the historical districts? These elected officials, they could have told us, and we would have been good Christian neighbors, we would have died to have seen these on our front yards.”

We reached out to SpaceX for comment on the creation of the SpaceX Village. We asked whether the site refers to a new residential building or if was a re-branding of the current Boca Chica Village. We have not heard from the company as of the making of this report.