It’s not you, it’s your dating profile; Love expert explains silver lining to dating during pandemic


This Tuesday, July 28, 2020 photo shows the icon for the Tinder dating app on a device in New York. Jim Lanzone, the one-time chief of digital media at CBS is the new CEO of Tinder. Lanzone will take over for current CEO Elie Seidman on Monday, Aug. 3 according to Match Group, which owns Tinder and other dating sites like OkCupid. (AP Photo/Patrick Sison)

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – The pandemic caused many single people’s love lives to come to a screeching halt, as places you would typically go on a date to were shut down and it was advised to isolate. 

Many instead have turned to dating apps to look to connect with people during the pandemic.

Popular dating apps like Tinder and Hinge provided many with the much-needed human connection during the ongoing pandemic.  

Loveologist and CEO of Good Clean Love, Wendy Strgar, says there is a silver lining to the dating life disruption experienced by many people.  

Strgar explains “what’s old is new again.” Because people in some places have been on lockdown for several months, those who turned to the apps may have been more reserved about meeting people right away and that may help relationships in the long run. 

“People have been so cautious about their own health and the help of other people, that instead of swiping right and meeting up with somebody and going to a bar and maybe having sex, people are really taking a lot more time to get to know who is somebody,” said Strgar. “They’re chatting a lot longer on those apps before they even give somebody their phone number. They’re going for a walk in the park. So everything has kind of slowed down.” 

Though dating apps are nothing new, the type of information people reveal on them has decreased as time has passed.  

“When you think about how [] was like pages of information about them and on Hinge, you find four lines about them,” said Strgar. “They’ve really evolved in terms of what people expose about themselves. 

In some cases, people’s dating profiles only have few pictures and little to no information.  

She suggests if you want a better chance of making connections on dating apps, you should be more authentic in your profile and make sure you are showing your true self.  

“Present yourself how you want to meet somebody,” Strgar suggested. “Talk about what you love because then you’re going to attract people to who you really are. If I could suggest one thing, in this trying to get to know people and presenting yourself in the world, is that people can smell authenticity. So even if you feel a little bit vulnerable, do as much as you can so that you can really feel like, ‘I am putting myself in the world.’” 

To read more about love and intimacy you can visit Strgar’s website here.  

“Loving people over time is about how you communicate, about how you show up, how you think about yourself and your relationship, and then all of those things together combine for you to have really great intimacy,” noted Strgar.  

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