Internet reunites widow with dollar bill she signed with her late husband almost a decade ago


Dollar bill signed and put on the wall of a Joe’s Burger Shack in 2012, by Steve and Tammy Tuttle. [Courtesy: Brendan Howell]

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – A North Carolina widow was surprised with a memory that she and her late husband made nearly a decade ago.  

The year 2012 was the year former President Barak Obama was reelected, the year Curiosity Rover landed on Mars, and the year Windows 8 by Microsoft was released.  

It was also the year Tammy Tuttle and her late husband Steve visited Joe’s Burger Shack in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and did as thousands have done before: they signed a dollar bill and put it on the wall.  

The last thing Tuttle expected was for that dollar to find its way back to her, but thanks to some goodwill and the internet, it did.  

“I got the dollar as a tip at work where I detail cars,” said Brendan Howell. 

After seeing the writing on the dollar bill, Howell got curious and posted the dollar on a Facebook page dedicated to showing off second-hand finds and asked if anyone knew her. 

Left, Brendan Howell, Right, Tammy Tuttle, holding the dollar bill from 2012. [Courtesy: Brendan Howell]

Amazingly, Howell said it only took 20 minutes to find Tuttle.  

“I contacted her and she told me about how her and her husband put the dollar up in a restaurant at Myrtle Beach on the wall. And that sadly her husband had passed away back in 2017,” said Howell.  

The following Saturday, Howell traveled four hours from his home in Newport to Greensboro, NC to meet Tuttle and give her the memorable dollar. 

The dollar is now in a frame for Tuttle to hang on her own wall, just like $10,000 worth collected on walls of Joe’s Burger Shack throughout the course of thirty years hung.

While that money was intended to stay up on the wall as quirky decoration, they recently went back into circulation to help during a difficult time.  

The Sun News reported last year in April that the restaurant gave those dollar bills to employees who were laid off or had their hours reduced because of the pandemic.  

This may be how the dollar ended up as Howell’s tip.

“She was very happy to have that memory back in her hands,” said Howell. “I know not a lot of people would take the time to do this for a stranger. But I believe in helping someone even if you don’t know them.” 

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