RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – One local soccer student is turning heads with top scouts from across the U.S.

Diego Rosas recently trained and competed at a U.S. national soccer camp where he was ranked in the top 40 in his age group.

IDEA Toros student Diego Rosas is quickly becoming an RGV soccer phenomenon. The 14-year-old incoming freshman recently beat out hundreds of hopefuls to earn a spot at the U.S. national soccer camp.

Rosas recalls the moment his mother woke him up to share the news.

“It was amazing. It felt, I was very excited when she told me,” Says Diego Rosas.

The weeklong camp was held in Chula Vista, California, which included training and matches all being evaluated by top scouts.

During the intense competition, Rosas performed well in one game, scoring two goals and leading his team to a 3-1 victory.

Rosas was selected as one of the top 40 in his age group, beating out more than 300 worldwide.

Aiding Rosas along on his journey is the IDEA Toros College Preparatory Academy, working and training some of the best student athletes in the valley. This while pushing them academically and breaking down barriers to achieve to and through college for all.

“For some of them it’s academic barriers they don’t have the academic push they need to play at the college level. For some of them it’s financial. They don’t have the means to travel, the means to pay for training. For others it’s time you know their parents are just too busy to get them to practice,” Says Diego Reyna, a Toros Academy Trainer.

Reyna added IDEA Toros students get a blend of high-level academics with a high-level soccer experience on a personalized learning system.

“When teams travel, we actually send a teacher with them so that the teacher can administer lessons usually in the lobby of the hotel,” Reyna continues

Diego who lives in Brownsville travels every morning for school waking up at 5 A.M. to catch a 6:15 bus in Harlingen to make it to school in Edinburg.

“My dad always wakes me up. No excuses, always waking me up for school, always telling me school comes first before everything,” Says Rosas.

Rosas has dreams of going to college and maybe one day playing for team U.S.A at the Olympics. We asked him if he felt intimidated going against the best of the best.

“I really don’t. I just focus on what I’m doing and hopefully I can do my part,” Rosas responded.

Coach Rosas added Diego’s hard work ethic is a representation of the values instilled in IDEA Toros students, and something the entire Rio Grande Valley can be proud of.