SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – An Iowa animal rescue group found two cats they believe to be someone’s lost pet, but one of them has no eyes.

Sioux City Animal Rescue and Adoption picked up two stray cats Monday that they couldn’t separate.

“Now these cats are probably the most bonded cats that I’ve ever seen,” said Chris Wall, Vice President of Hannah Incorporated, Sioux City Animal Rescue and Adoption, “One male, one female. It was obvious at the time that the male had visual impartment, to the point of having no eyes. He’s just sort of got the sockets where the eyes were.” 

Wall said they bounce off each other as a guide to get around safely and as a result, they never leave each other’s side. They were found in good health and are believed to be someone’s lost pets.

“… they’re on the 7-day hold at the moment, because the cats appear to be so well kept, so nice, affectionate, we think that somewhere, there is an owner. So, the owner has until the close of business on Monday to come and reclaim them. Failing that, they will go up for adoption on Tuesday,” said Wall. 

Wall said if the owner does not come by with proof of ownership, it would be best for the cats to be placed in a home that doesn’t have any other pets or children because it would be very easy to startle the blind feline.

“They appear to be fabulously friendly cats.” said Wall, “They were very, very lovey. As soon as I opened the cage door they came forward and wanted their loving, but I couldn’t separate them with a crowbar.”