How to prepare your generator for storage after a storm


Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—After millions of Texans battled with no power, and boil water notices were a constant update during the Winter Storm power crisis, some residents turned to portable power generators to provide some relief to a challenging situation. 

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Now that power has been restored, the question for many is, how do you prepare your generator for storage after the storm.?

“You definitely don’t know when you are going to need one,” said South K Mower general manager Estevan Mendoza. “You definitely do not want to be out in the cold, or indoors in the cold really is what it was, without power and the inability to charge your phone.”  

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Mendoza said for short-term storage, you can add a fuel stabilizer. By doing so, it will keep gasoline in your fuel for up to six months.  

“If you let it sit there without a fuel stabilizer or anything like that, it will get gummed up,” said Mendoza. “When you try running it in times of need it is ready to go.”  

If you are not planning on using your generator for longer than six months, Mendoza said it is best to drain the fuel tank and fuel lines. Also, make sure to clean out the equipment of grit and gunk.  

“For long-term storage, you want to drain the fuel system, store it away, make sure there is no gas, and also run it every 4 to 5 months just to make sure everything is good,” said Mendoza. “Put just a little bit of fuel in there and burn it out and store it away.”  

This is also a great time to check the oil and change out your oil filter. A generator needs its oil changed on average after every 50 hours of usage. With an average run time of 10 hours per day, your generator will need oil after about five days of usage.  

“A standard engine uses about half a quart, which is about 16 ounces, so you would want to use a small bottle like this and that should be good enough for your engine,” said Mendoza.  

Storing your generator in the proper location around your home is also important. The biggest enemy of your generator is rain, snow, excessive heat, and below-freezing temperatures. These factors could lead to malfunction down the road.  

With hurricane season less than 100 days away, this is the perfect time to make your generator is ready to go. 

When it does come time to use your generator again, make sure it is outside your home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. 

South K Mower has been in the city of Harlingen for over 25 years. Mendoza would like to remind his customers that they will be temporarily moving to 322 N Eye Street, during the construction of their new building.  

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