How to know if a disinfecting company is real or trying to steal your money


Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—The owner of “One Stop Janitorial RGV” has been disinfecting businesses and home for many years, way before the pandemic hit.

The sudden increase in companies claiming to disinfect COVID-19 exposed surfaces has him on edge.

“Some people are out there just using foggers and or just misting but not actually doing the wiping at all,” said company owner Jesse Treviño.

After hiring employees from other companies around the Rio Grande Valley, Treviño said he’s learned others are only using water when spraying surfaces and not chemicals approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

” These companies popping up they suddenly have these chemicals which is not the case,” he added.

Treviño said most chemicals to disinfect areas where the virus has been, are back ordered and not readily available but there is one way to check if the chemical being used is legit.

“There’s EPA numbers on every single chemical out there. Ask them can I have the SDS sheet can I have the EPA registration number. Those are extra steps you can take to protect yourself and make sure they’re using the product they claim to be using,” said Treviño.

You can also input that EPA number here , where it will tell you if the product has been approved for use against COVID.

” Don’t just simply look at the price , look at what these companies are disinfecting with. What are they spraying on your furniture, your electronics. Is it safe,” Treviño said.

He also said a legit company should have some type of certification like the Global Bio Risk Advisory Council.

“They give you a series of information then you have to take quizzes at the end you take a final exam. It’s just all up to date information on COVID -19 on how to properly do a forensic cleaning,” he said.B

Before hiring any company, Treviño urges consumers to do their research and know what disinfecting steps that company is taking and is they have reliable references.

“It’s not just simply spraying there’s recommendations through EPA for each product,” said Treviño.

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