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How could 2020-21 school calendars look? Districts studying options


MCALLEN, Texas – We have already seen the effect COVID-19 had on this school year, but the Texas Education Agency said it could impact next year as well.

The agency says a short-term disruption because of COVID-19 is likely, so they want schools to have some flexibility in their school calendars to adjust. Some students will also experience a learning loss and they expect some students to have high absenteeism rates.

“We realized that our kids lost a lot of instruction, how are we going to recover it?” asks Dr. Cornelio Gonzalez, Executive Director, Region One.

School districts must still follow a 180 day school year and there are laws when schools can start and end their school years. School can begin earlier or end later but districts must first submit a plan. Longer breaks are being encouraged for winter and spring.

Officials said the added breaks will allow for flexibility so students can catch up, in case there is a resurgence of COVID-19, or for bad weather.

“So districts have to look at the needs of the students and make adjustments depending on those needs,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said superintendents must submit their plans to school boards for approval and you should start seeing that in the coming weeks. Gonzalez said superintendents and school boards top priority is the safety of staff and students.

If you would like to look at the see a TEA Power Point on the adjustments click here.

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