Homeless shelter helps man find a family for his dog, both now have permanent place


Courtesy: Good Neighbor Settlement House

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) – A man and his loyal companion are both getting a fresh start in new, but separate, homes.  

The Good Neighbor Settlement House was able to help a long-term homeless client find permanent housing, and they went a step further and helped his dog find a place too.  

Community Engagement Manager, Daniela Sosa said pets were not allowed at the shelter where the man was going, so he asked if they could help.  

Sosa said the client was worried about leaving his dog, Chulo, behind and having him end up on the street or dying.  

Courtesy: Good Neighbor Settlement House

“What we’ve seen at the Good Neighbor is the relationship that [the homeless and pets] have is pretty special because they’re kind of all that they have,” said Sosa. “Before he found shelter, he would sleep on the streets, and he would tell us that he and Chulo would keep each other warm at night.” 

Sosa says once the client left for his new home, they began working to find Chulo a new owner. They posted on Facebook and quickly got a lot of attention.  

“A bunch of our Facebook friends reached out, a lot of support a lot of shares. And we’re happy to say and announce that Chulo found his forever home,” smiled Sosa.  

Chulo was adopted within a day and will go home on Friday. 

Sosa added they have pet food available at Good Neighbor because they noticed many clients had pets. 

“When our homeless clients come and get their meals, they save food to also feed their pets. We noticed that, so now what we do is we buy dog food and cat food,” said Sosa.  

“We’re just so happy to be able to help,” said Sosa. “And we’re so happy that Chulo will not have to sleep on the streets and will have a loving family to take care of him.” 

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