Holiday distributions to migrants


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Many are enjoying their holiday meals and being with their loved ones, but on the other side of the border, some are not that lucky. Which is why one local organization is giving back to the people waiting across the border.

The Knights of Columbus is a local organization from Texas and Mexico whose Mission is to help the helpless.

They are delivering supplies to migrants in Matamoros just in time for the holidays by providing over $50,000 worth of clothing, food, water, and medicine. They hope migrants know they are not forgotten.

“Presence or The Knights is really a sign of solidarity and support and really a sign that they are not forgotten because it’s important that we kind of help these families realize they are not forgotten,” said Bishop Daniel E. Flores of the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville.

Migrants gathered for a Posada, which is a tradition where families gather to eat and sing. A Posada also represents families looking for a place to live, which some say is similar to a migrant experience.

“It really is kind of a synopsis of the whole immigrant experience which very often is looking for a place that will receive them for a night in safety and so forth,” continued Bishop Flores.

Prayers were made as migrants thanked the volunteers and The Knights of Columbus for their generosity. State Secretary for The Knights of Columbus says we should all have charitable attitudes in our hearts.

“We’re blessed, we really are blessed here in the United States, these folks, they’re just trying to find a place to sleep,” said Alfredo Vela State Secretary for The Knights of Columbus.

No matter what time of the year it is, there’s never a wrong time to give back to the community.

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