Hidalgo County mayors form drainage committee to plan drain improvements


HIDALFO COUNTY (KVEO)— Mission Mayor Dr. Armando O’Caña won the ‘Best Idea’ award from Texas Municipal League for forming the Municipal Drainage District.

“Every 15 days the four largest city mayors will be meeting, and our next meeting is tomorrow afternoon,” said O’Caña.

O’Caña said that every month that all 22 cities in Hidalgo County will meet to discuss drainage improvement ideas.

The largest four are Edinburg, Pharr, Mission and McAllen.

“The four cities that I mentioned make up about 50% of the population of Hidalgo County,” said Richard Molina, mayor of Edinburg.

O’Caña said the idea for this committee came after he saw 80% of Mission flooded in 2018.

Since then, O’Caña said that he received $1 million to fund an updated hydraulic study for the city, but he realized there was more to be done.

“Those arteries connect to the ones in McAllen, Edinburg and Pharr,” said O’Caña.

In other words, when it floods in one city it flows over into the next one over.

“When it rains sometimes in Mission, that water comes into McAllen and eventually into Edinburg,” said Molina.

For their next meeting on Friday, O’Caña will discuss each of the four major city’s districts.

“My district will have the city of Alton, the city of Granjeno, the city of Palm View, the city of La Joya, the city of Peñitas, the city of Sullivan, and the county of Hidalgo—what is known as Precinct 3,” said O’Caña.

The committee’s main objective is to communicate and collaborate, but cities will sponsor their own projects.

“The city of Edinburg is going to be awarded $20 million and then we are getting an additional 10 million in funding, so we’re doing $30 million in drainage to alleviate a lot of the flooding in the downtown area,” said Molina.

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