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Hairstylists wish you’d stop asking them to break the law and cut your hair


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – In just the latest peculiar twist to our lives in the days of the coronavirus quarantine, hairstylists are urging people to stop asking them to risk their license by cutting customers’ hair.

“If I go cut someone else’s hair, someplace that I’m not registered to do business at — that’s breaking the law,” said Michelle Frazee, a highly sought after stylist in Kansas City.

Hair salons are one of the businesses deemed non-essential during the Missouri stay-at-home order.

“To be fair, I don’t think it’s people thinking it through,” Frazee said. “I think they’re thinking I don’t have income and they’re trying to help me out, and I just don’t think they’re thinking about it like that.”

Jodi Pennington, owner of Jodi’s Hive salon in Kansas City, was more direct. She posted the following message to her Instagram followers.

“Asking a hairstylist to do your hair right now, when it’s CLEARLY PROHIBITED, is like asking a doctor friend to write you a random prescription for narcotics. I’m not going to lose my license or go to jail for you. Sorry. Please, respect my profession and my career and know I’d never ask the same of you.”

Frazee appreciates the support and loyalty of her clients. But she’s recommending people show their support in other ways.

“Maybe purchase products from them or hair treatments,” Frazee said.

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