Florida man tears down controversial gun range he’d set up in the yard of his home after complaints from neighbors concerned about safety. Peter Bernard reports.

(WFLA) Neighbors cheered Wednesday as 21-year-old Joe Carannante ripped apart sand-filled pallets he intended to use as target practice at his St. Petersburg, Florida home.

Carannante built a shooting range in his yard, raising the ire of neighbors.

Kendra O’Connor didn’t want him firing his weapon just feet from where her children play.

“If there is any kind of misfire or accident or ricochet, my children would have been collateral damage,” O’Connor explained.

A loophole in Florida law allowed Carannante to use his property as a firing range. Neighbors sounded the alarm, notifying the media, city hall and a county commissioner who lives nearby. They’re now pushing for a zoning change.

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