Gun range sees increase in people; ammunition remains limited


HARLINGEN, Texas- All gun ranges were deemed essential business and remained open during the stay-at-home orders. 

Debby Riley, owner of the Rio Gun Club said they are finally seeing an uptick in people now that the stay-at-home orders were lifted.

“We were pretty slow when they had the stay at home order, we didn’t have too many members go out there. Then it kind of picked back up after about three weeks,” said Riley.

Gun and ammunition sales were on a rise just a few months ago, and since the demand was so high, local gun shops saw the effects and sold out on just about everything. 

Brian Guerra, owner of Lone Star Gun in Harlingen said the shortage left those going out to shoot, to rely on what they have. 

“A lot of gun ranges, especially the outdoor ones don’t provide ammunition or if they do is very limited,” said Guerra. “So, it’s whatever ammunition that the actual shooter has available which is usually what they get from the gun stores and the gun stores have seen a very limited amount available.”

Guerra said that even though more people are headed to gun ranges and interested in buying more ammunition, the intake of product is still low.

“As these things start to open up it’s not necessarily going to make ammunition available it’s just going to mean that these rules are going to be loosened so that they can get more people in to produce more ammunition,” said Guerra.

When it comes to the gun ranges, Debby Riley said some of their members are still having a hard time finding ammunition. Even though ammo is hard to find, Riley is hopeful that as things start to get back to normal, they will have more people visiting their gun range. 

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