Group continues efforts to stop LNG


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – A setback for one of the Liquefied Natural Gas companies looking to settle at the Port of Brownsville. Annova LNG is expecting a tax break from Cameron County. However, public outcry led county officials to delay the decision.

The fight continues for a local group looking to take on the Liquefied Natural Gas industry. They go by Save RGV from LNG. This week they attended Commissioner’s court as county leaders consider a tax cut for Annova LNG.

Christopher Basaldu, Sierra Club – Save RGV from LNG, “We’re going to get all the damage, we’re going to get all the pollution, we’re going to get all the environmental damage, we’re going to get none of the profits and if this tax cut goes through, we’re not event going to get tax revenue from it.”

County officials deciding to hold off their decision and are now pushing further discussion back to a later date. It was not the outcome the Anti-LNG group was looking for.

Josette Cruz, Save RGV from LNG, “Can we really as a county, as one of the poorest counties in the nation, afford to dish out an extra tax cut for these companies?”

Right now, there are three LNG companies expecting their federal approval in Late July, early August. With some like Rio Grande LNG, already making plans to commit to construction in the Rio Grande Valley.

Matt Schatzman – NextDecade LLC, “We expect to have construction in early 2020 and finish the first train of LNG by 2023, and that will correspond with the BIH work that we’ve talked about.”

Rebecca Hinojosa, Save RGV from LNG, “It’s not a done deal, it’s not too late to tell your county commissioners to redact this tax cut for Annova LNG. Their opposition citing job increases and economic prosperity, they say it’s about the environment, health and the well-being of the community.

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