Grind Coffee hoping for a return of community spirit after the pandemic


EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — To Maryann Pinon, the owner of Grind Coffee in Edinburg, un cafecito con pan means more than just a drink and a snack, it means community.

It was with that sense of community in mind that she opened her own coffee shop near the Hidalgo County Courthouse in 2016.

“I wanted people to meet and have a community and have a space outside of their home, outside of their work where they’re able to just be who they are,” Pinon said.

Growing up, un cafecito con pan was a way for Pinon to spend time with her grandmother and aunts. It was also where her love for coffee first sprouted.

“I pretty much spiraled out of control with my passion for wanting to learn more about coffee,” Pinon said.

Like many people, her love for coffee really took off in college. “That really was the nudge that got me to open Grind, she said.

Pinon acknowledges that coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea. But Grind offers some fiery options that should entice even the most hesitant coffee consumers.

One of her favorite drinks, the Applewood smoked latte, is a spectacle to behold. Wood chips are lit on fire with a blowtorch, the smoke is collected in a container that is placed over the chips. Once the fire on the chips has died out, a shot of espresso and milk is poured into the container that the smoke was captured in and shaken. The drink is then poured over ice and served.

For Maryann, community support keeps her grounded. Words cannot espresso exactly how much owning her own coffee shop means to her. 

“It’s really great because it allows us to meet people,” Pinon said. “It allows us to have people join in the community, and that’s really the essence of a coffee shop.”

Even if you have a latte on your plate, you can always go to your local coffee shop to relax.

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