AUSTIN, Texas (Nexstar) – Governor Greg Abbott has issued a statement on the unaccompanied minors that have been brought to various Texas cities to be housed and processed.  

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In his statement, the Governor directly credits the Biden Administration for creating a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Texas saying the influx of migrants crossing the border is a direct result of failed policy from Washington.  

“The Biden Administration’s reckless open border policies have created a humanitarian crisis for unaccompanied minors coming across the border. With no plan in place, the administration has created heartbreaking and inhumane conditions for children who are being held in Texas. We have no idea if these children are being reunited with their families through DNA testing or other means, or if they have been victims of human trafficking. 

“As the Governor of Texas, my responsibility is the health and safety of our citizens, and the Biden Administration’s lack of planning has created a public health and safety emergency in our communities. Is the federal government tracking what countries these children are coming from and what COVID-19 variants they might have been exposed to? How long will these children be held in Texas? Are these children receiving COVID-19 tests, and how is the Biden Administration handling those who test positive? If the federal government conducting contact tracing and following CDC quarantine protocols? The answers to these questions affect the health and safety of our communities, and Texans deserve answers. But more than that, the American people deserve action from this administration. Texas is putting President Biden on notice that his policies are risking the health and safety of Texans and putting children at risk from cartels and human traffickers.” 

Gov. Greg Abbott

Gov. Abbott’s statements come as reports surfaced overnight that migrant children were being sent to several cities across the Lone Star State. Midland and Dallas were among the cities Monday that were notified of the new arraignments.  

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City leaders in Midland say migrant children began showing up overnight and claim they were never contacted or consulted on the arraignment.  

Both County Judge Terry Johnson and Mayor Patrick Payton were noticeably frustrated with the situation on Monday saying it will ultimately cost Midlanders. Moreover, both said they have attempted to contact various federal agencies to receive answers but to no avail.  

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“We literally knew nothing until, for me, it was early Sunday morning…it is the strangest, most backward, disrespectful thing I’ve seen…,” Payton said. 

The Associated Press reported Monday that 3,000 immigrant teens would be housed at the Dallas Convention Center. The AP confirmed the report through a memo sent to Dallas City Council members.  

Meanwhile, Several leading Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives traveled to El Paso on Monday to tour a migrant facility and receive an update from federal agencies.  

Leader Kevin McCarthy, like Governor Abbott, directly pointed to the Biden Administration for the influx of illegal crossings saying border security is the federal government’s responsibility and what has taken place could have been avoided.  

“I came down here because I heard of the crisis,” McCarthy said Monday. “It’s more than a crisis, this is a human heartbreak. The sad part about all of this, it didn’t have to happen.”