Gov. Abbott signs bill making alcohol to-go permanent in Texas


In this Feb. 28, 2020 photo released by Jaime Windon, bottles of alcohol, including Lyon rum, are displayed. (Jaime Windon via AP)

AUSTIN, Texas (KETK) – Gov. Greg Abbott signed a billed Wednesday morning making alcohol to-go a permanent fixture in Texas.

This was initially permitted at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year as a way for local restaurants and the food industry to make money when shutdown orders were enacted. Texas became the 10th state in the country to sign such a bill into law.

Today is a great day for Texas restaurants as well as for their customers.

Gov. Abbott

Kristi Brown, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United State Senior Director of State Government Relations said the feature was a “much-needed lifeline” for the food industry and prevented closure of many restaurants and bas.

The DSCUS released a poll saying that 65% of Texas supported the bill.

The bill passed the Texas House by a 144-1 vote with the one “nay” being Rep. Matt Shaheen, a Republican from Plano. The Senate then passed it by a 30-1 vote.

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