Gov. Abbott proposes to make Texas a ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary State’


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) —In a Tweet sent this morning, Governor Greg Abbott said he wants to make Texas, a “second amendment sanctuary state.”

The Biden administration announced a series of executive actions, aimed at addressing gun violence.

These actions prompted Abbott to tweet and ask legislators to approve a bill, which would protect second amendment rights.

“More than anything it’s sending a message to the presidential administration, that whatever Federal Law you make, we’re still going to make the second amendment a priority in our state,” said Brian Guerra, Owner, Lone Star Guns LLC. Armas De Guerra.

One of President Joe Biden’s executive actions targets buyers of ghost guns, which are homemade firearms that usually don’t have a serial number to track them.

Gun enthusiasts told KVEO that while they don’t support the latest legislative action, they do support some comprehensive gun laws.

“Essentially not implementing new gun restrictions, but enforcing the gun laws that are already in the books,” Guerra said. “Making sure the background checks are very thorough, making sure that people that own a private property gun, can still…[transfer] it to an individual.”

KVEO with many gun owners that did not want to go on camera. They support the governor’s tweet and shared their concerns about the federal government stepping on their second amendment rights.

“Are they going to push to take away our gun rights? Little by little are they scalping away at our gun rights? How far is it going to go?”

Anonymous RGV gun owner.

Because of the pandemic, the industry is facing a shortage of guns and ammunition but Guerra said that the demand is causing more people to educate themselves. 

“It’s been a very positive thing this shortage,” Guerra told KVEO. “This shortage is not a bad thing as far as the interest from the public, because more people are being aware of what’s at stake when it comes to restricting your firearms and restricting your rights to purchase firearms.”  

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