ALAMO, Texas- The Goodwill Store in Alamo has been taped off by police, but not for the reason you might think.

There was no crime scene, but police were called in after piles and piles of donations filled up and overflowed the donation box outside.

Goodwill stores closed March 23rd and have not opened their doors to accept donations.

“Right now, they are not taking donations until this is all over with, so we went out there to assist and blocked off the drive thru where you drive through to drop off the donations,” said Richard Ozuna, Chief of Police for Alamo.

Ozuna says his officers had to step in because the overflow of donations was creating a problem.

“We’re asking to hold off, because all it is is it’s going to create piles and if it rains or something and anything that is dropped off outside is going to be damaged and then it won’t be usable for anyone,” said Ozuna.

Goodwill Stores are also asking for people to hold off.

“Goodwill does need their donations, but we’re asking now that now is not the time to donate, hold the donations until we can reopen,” said Marjorie Boudreaux, Vice President of Marketing & Fund Development at Goodwill Industries of South Texas.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

Goodwill Stores from across the Rio Grande Valley are reporting overflow at their donation boxes.

“Please just hold on to them, we’re hopeful we’re going to open around May 1st, so hold those donations until we can reopen to the public,” said Boudreaux.

In Texas, illegal dumping is punishable by jail time and a $500.00 fine.