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How to keep your pet safe this Valentine’s Day

Each holiday can bring hidden dangers to your pet. Most people are familiar with the hazards of Halloween, and how chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats. But you might not realize that a single lick of certain flowers that are popular on Valentine’s Day can be lethal to your pet.

Before you fill your home or apartment with new floral arrangements, make sure they aren’t toxic to your pet. For example, while lilies are popular gifts to give and receive on Feb. 14, if cats are exposed to this beautiful plant, it can cause acute kidney injury or even death. To celebrate safely, it’s essential to know which flowers are toxic and which are safe. It’s also wise to have some alternative gift ideas that don’t involve live flowers.

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If you have pets, keep these flowers out of your home

According to the ASPCA website, there are hundreds of plants that are toxic to your pets. However, not all of these plants are common household plants, and not all lead to life-threatening complications. The site also has a list of the top toxic plants with seven that might find their way into your home on Valentine’s Day.

  • Lilies: While symptoms in dogs are typically limited to gastrointestinal issues, cats that are exposed to this plant — even just by licking the pollen — can experience acute kidney injury or possibly death.
  • Azaleas: In most instances, ingesting small amounts causes an upset stomach. Large amounts, however, can cause irregular heartbeats and seizures.
  • Rhododendrons: Rhododendrons carry the same warnings as azaleas.
  • Tulips: In some instances, ingesting tulips can result in severe stomach distress or intestinal blockage.
  • Hydrangeas: This flower contains cyanide, so it’s potentially very dangerous. Thankfully, if your pet ingests this plant, most often it only results in an upset stomach.
  • Peace lilies: These flowers cause upset stomach, mouth pain and drooling, but the toxins are not absorbed into the system, so there’s no risk of organ damage.
  • Daffodils: The trouble with daffodils is they can cause a wide range of problems, from upset stomach to low blood pressure and intestinal blockage.

Pet-safe flowers

According to the ASPCA, if you want to make a pet-friendly floral arrangement, the safest flowers to use are:

  • Roses
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Sunflowers
  • Orchids
  • Snapdragons
  • Freesias
  • Limonium
  • Madagascar Jasmine 
  • Stock 
  • Waxflower
  • Lisianthus

Signs that your pet may have ingested a toxic plant

You might not catch your dog or cat munching on a flower, but you will see symptoms that they have been exposed to or ingested a toxin. In a dog, this can present itself as anything from mild lethargy or weakness to drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. In extreme cases, it could cause seizures or a coma.

With cats, the mild symptoms might be hard to identify. These include scratching, watery eyes and frequent urination. Like dogs, though, the more noticeable symptoms are drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. Additionally, your cat could develop an irregular heartbeat and exhibit breathing difficulties.

If your dog or cat develops any of these symptoms, even if there are no known toxins in the house, contact your vet.

Pet-safe flowers for Valentine’s Day 

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