Former State Rep to undergo alcohol and substance abuse treatment


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Rene Oliveira has pleaded no contest to his DWI charge in county court according to the Brownsville Herald.

The former State Representative and his attorney appeared before County-court-at-law No. 1 Judge Arturo A. McDonald Jr. when he made his formal plea.

McDonald then sentenced Oliveira to a 12-month probative sentence, required Oliveira to take a 12-hour DWI class, and seek alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

Oliveira was charged with Driving While Intoxicated. On April 27th, 2018, Oliveira crashed into a vehicle on Boca Chica Blvd in his hometown of Brownsville, Texas. According to police reports Oliveira gave the driver his business card and said, “I’ll take care of everything,” then drove away. Not far behind the Brownsville Police Officers spoke with a witness who said, “nothing had happened” and left the scene. The witness was later identified as Oliveira’s wife. The victim of the crash told Brownsville Police that the man who hit her was Rene Oliveira, and after showing the victim a Facebook photo of Oliveira, the victim confirmed, “Yes, that’s him.”

Later that evening Brownsville Police Officers located Oliveira at his home and arrested him for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. According to the report, Oliveira had a blood alcohol content of .015.

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