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Food truck meals for hospital heroes


MCALLEN, Texas – Small businesses across the Rio Grande Valley have felt the hit of the pandemic. Many are struggling to stay open. But there is one restaurant working to help others.

“I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. You have to help your community, then the community rises and you rise with your community,” said Gabriel Fuentes, owner of the Nuri Restaurant Group in McAllen.

These are words Fuentes used to describe the foundation his family-run business stands by. Since opening up their first on-site location on 10th and Trenton in McAllen in 2017. Giving back to the community is a message this business has been transparent on. With their slogan,” Food for the people” that you’ll see plastered on the entrance door of their restaurant as you walk in.

“So many people have shutdown and it really hurts,” Fuentes adds as he sits at an empty table in his empty restaurant on Sunday.

Chairs were stacked up on what he says normally would be a busy day. Fuentes’s restaurant is among the hundreds of small businesses in the Rio Grande Valley hit hard by the pandemic.
Even still, his thoughts are with those who need it the most.

If we can collect some money, we have the food or we can order the food,” he said. Explaining his plans to help provide free meals to heroes in the front line of the pandemic that includes medical professionals and first responders. “We can give food truck operators the opportunity to go get work, they get paid for it and they help their family.”

Its an initiative his business is calling “Food truck meals for our hospital heroes” and it does just that.

If we can give food truck operators a source of income and we feed our heroes its a win-win,” Fuentes said.

As of now, they’ve raised $210 their goal is $25,000.  That money will go to provide free meals to first responders and also help out struggling food truck operators.  

“We have an opportunity to keep our doors open. If we can do a little extra to help other people why not?” Fuentes said.

An act of kindness meant to bring hope during this difficult time.

The restaurant is also providing free meals for children and the elderly at this time.

If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to know more you can visit their Go Fund Me page:

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