Flourishing food truck business brings father and sons closer together


MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — The early days of the pandemic presented many challenges for the Rio Grande Valley residents, but that did not stop some from following their dreams and opening their own businesses.  

With Father’s Day on Sunday, KVEO spoke with a local family-run business about their journey to success.

Casey Salinas Jr. launched the Casey & Sons food truck with his 18 and 22-year-old sons last February after 30 years in the restaurant industry.  

They started with breakfast tacos, then brisket and now specialize in chicken sandwiches and burgers.   

According to Salinas, business was great at the launch, but took a dip once the pandemic hit. However, they were able to bounce back and over the last couple of weeks have been selling out every day.  

“I’m very proud of these guys,” Casey Salinas Jr. said. “They perform admirably for not really working in a professional kitchen in the past. They follow my lead; they’re a little beat up for it, but we’re doing fantastic. These are some of the best times I’ve ever had in my life.”  

On top of finding success, it has strengthened their relationships. 

“I can definitely say it has brought us closer for the better,” Casey Salinas III said. “I like being in here with my brother every day and being here with my father every day just working.”  

They credit advertising on local foodie Facebook groups for part of their success. With business doing so well, they have one problem: keeping up with demand. 

Their customers come from all over the Rio Grande Valley, from as far as Brownsville and Rio Grande City, to try their original chicken and spicy chicken sandwich recipe. If this volume of sales continues, the Salinas’ foresee opening a restaurant in the next few months. 

“The plan is to move into a brick and mortar. Something with a drive-thru window, something with more capabilities, something we’re able to produce more, faster and actually handle some real serious volume,” Casey Jr. said. “We can cover a couple thousand a day once we actually have the capabilities. That’s what we’re really looking to do.” 

Casey Jr. said he would be happy to continue down this path, following his father’s footsteps. 

“My dad has a lot of experience in the food industry, so I knew that as long as we stuck with it and worked hard that eventually, something would happen — eventually more people would find us out because we have good food,” Casey III said.

They add anyone can find success in starting their own business, as long as they do the research and have passion.  

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