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PHOTO:KVEO Salvador Castro, March 8 2021.

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Tree rooted by May 12 winds lifts car. (Courtesy)

On late Tuesday night, the RGV saw severe weather, with wind speed reaching over 60 miles per hour.

In this blog, the Valley Storm Team kept the community updated on where exactly the storm was.

On Wednesday morning, when the sun came out, the RGV got to see the damages that the severe weather left.

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During the early hours of Mother’s Day Sunday, a car crash in Harlingen left a father and son dead, and multiple injured.

The accident included two vehicles, a Chevrolet and Buick. The driver and passengers of the Buick were Roel Martinez, 33, a woman, and their 10-year-old son.

Martinez was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman and child were transferred to a hospital, where the boy was declared dead.

On Wednesday, Josiah Anthony Castillo, 19, was arrested for his involvement with the accident according to the Harlingen Police Department.

Castillo was charged with two counts of manslaughter and one count of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and had his bond set at $85,000.

RGV True Crime: John Doe identified 28 years later, murder remains unsolved

Almost two decades later, a mother was able to put her son to rest, but his death remains unsolved.’s RGV True Crime reports on local unsolved crimes.

On May 8, 1992, Bennetti’s body was found by irrigation workers in a ditch, north of FM 2812 near Val Verde Road.

“Benetti had been a John Doe until last year,” said Hermelinda Chavez with the Hidalgo County Major Crimes Unit. “Law enforcement found the body, it was already decomposed and they couldn’t determine who he was.”

When investigators notified his fiancé they had confirmed Benetti was John Doe, she told investigators she had never thought he was dead, let alone that someone had murdered him.

If you have any information on this suspect or this case, please call the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office at 956-383-8114.

The Association of Brownsville Educators submitted a public comment at the Brownsville ISD school board meeting on Tuesday stating that the district is violating special education laws.

Section 504 is a law in the Department of Education that protects the education rights of students with disabilities, it requires that all students with disabilities have the same opportunity to participate in federally funded activities, even through distance learning.  

“They’re not allowing them to participate in their elective classes, such as music, P.E., library, art,” said Abeldano.

Borrego reports that the “STARR camp” is sometimes monitored online at some campuses by paraprofessionals, not certified teachers.  

In this Feb. 28, 2020 photo released by Jaime Windon, bottles of alcohol, including Lyon rum, are displayed. (Jaime Windon via AP)

(KETK)—Gov. Greg Abbott signed a billed Wednesday morning making alcohol to-go a permanent fixture in Texas.

This was initially permitted at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year as a way for local restaurants and the food industry to make money when shutdown orders were enacted. Texas became the 10th state in the country to sign such a bill into law.

What changed with the CDC mask guidelines?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Thursday that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask inside or outside.

“If you’ve been fully vaccinated, the CDC guidance is clear,” said Castillo. “If you look at those risk activities that they think you can do, you’re pretty much good to go for everything.”

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