DONNA, Texas (Border Report) — The first new border wall in South Texas went up last week south of the small town of Donna.

The new panel could be seen rising from just behind an earthen dirt levee. The segment is expected to connect to an existing adjacent wall, which was built in 2009. The existing wall is about 100 yards west of the new border wall.

But the existing wall does not have the 5-foot anti-climb plate, which this new wall visibly has. It is unclear whether U.S. Customs and Border Protection will mount this plate on the existing miles of wall in Hidalgo County.

Along with the panels, the Border Infrastructure System — as CBP refer to the border wall — will also include an enforcement zone that will include an all-weather road, cameras and sensors.

In a news release, CBP confirmed these are the first new border wall panels to be built in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, which the agency says “is the USBP’s highest priority location for new border wall system construction.” The agency said the RGV Sector accounts for about 40 percent of migrant apprehensions and is No. 1 for seized cocaine and marijuana along the Southwest border.

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