Fire raises concern over SpaceX incident protocols


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – A major accomplishment for Space Exploration is raising concerns for Boca Chica residents. Early this morning, a fire breaking out between the SpaceX Assembly Yard and the Starhopper at the Starship Launch Site

On July 25, the SpaceX prototype completed its first untethered flight at around 10 45 pm.

It was expected to go up about 65 feet into the air and then come down on its own safely.

Many celebrating the accomplishment in interplanetary history including SpaceX fan and local student Austin Barnard. He and many others were who was on site during the time of the event.

It was like seeing a sunrise at night,” says Barnard, “It was phenomenal.”

However, despite the positive outcome for the starship. Surrounding areas were affected by the recent test. A fire spread about 2 hours after the short hop. It was extinguished by the SpaceX crew.

This morning at around 7 AM another fire breaks out and travels in the direction of residential areas.

One of the most concerned by the fire was resident Maria Pointer. We met her on-site as she called for help while observing the fire move closer to her home.

“This isn’t about the success of technology last night, says Pointer. “we have to move forward with this. I don’t believe there is any failures, I believe this is a learning curve.”

What’s shocking for pointer is not knowing who to call, or who to expect during this type of emergency. After multiple calls to first responders, the SpaceX fire department arrived about 2 hours after her first call for help. 

“They didn’t think ahead. They kind of got short sided,” say Pointer. 

We’ve been hearing from fire crews that no one has been injured.

It is unclear what impact today’s fire had on overall activities for Starhopper development.

We’ll continue to bring you updates as they become available. 

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