FEMA supplying generators, blankets to Texas, White House says


FILE – In this Feb. 15, 2021, file photo, icicles form on a citrus tree from a sprinkler system used to protect the trees from the freezing temperatures in Edinburg, Texas. There have been record subzero temperatures in Texas and Oklahoma, and Greenland is warmer than normal. Snow fell in Greece and Turkey. Meteorologists blame the all-too-familiar polar vortex. (Delcia Lopez/The Monitor via AP)

Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that the administration is monitoring the situation in Texas in coordination with FEMA.

Gov. Abbott speaks to CBS4 live as power outages continue across Texas

Psaki also said the administration is monitoring other states affected by the severe winter weather.

“FEMA has supplied generators to Texas and is preparing to move diesel into the state to ensure the continued availability of backup power — which of course is a major issue on the ground — to key critical infrastructure including communications, hospitals, and water,” said Psaki.

FEMA is also supplying Texas with water and blankets at their request.

Gov. Greg Abbott to give latest on Texas’ response to mass power failures during winter weather

“We are preparing to quickly process requests from other states for emergency assistance… that’s how the process typically works, and we urge people in the affected states to of course listen to their emergency management officials,” said Psaki.

On Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott declared the reform of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas an emergency item for the 2021 legislative session.

The declaration marks the issue as a top priority. As of Tuesday morning, more than four million Texans were without power after planned rolling blackouts turned into prolonged outages and are still not back online.

Abbott declared reform of the council, which manages power flow in the state, an emergency item for the current legislative session.

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