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Family under pressure to find a doctor for son in intensive care


EDINBURG, Texas — A family continues to keep hope alive for their 6-year-old son who was involved in an ATV accident that left him fighting for his life in the hospital.

After a court case two weeks ago, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance agreed to provide medical assistance for Giancarlo Guerrero for a certain time.

That deadline was Friday, Sept. 25. but his family says that date has been extended to Wednesday, Sept. 30 and they are just one step closer to getting him out of the hospital.

Giancarlos’ mother, Priscilla Chapa is trying to do everything she can under a deadline.

“I’ve probably called 50 doctors in the past 3 days and it’s very heartbreaking and it’s so devastating to hear no. And it’s always just a no never a reason why. Just no, no, no and it just makes me feel very disappointed.”

The family was given two weeks of medical assistance by the hospital after a court case heard both parties.

“The thing is that after we got the two weeks we thought we were going to get the ball rolling right away. But there were some barriers in the way that weren’t supposed to be there.” said Priscilla Chapa.

Then the family asked for more time.

“So I just pleaded and you know I begged like every desperate mother would or just speak up for their child. And say hey please, I’m so close to getting him out please don’t just stop right there.”

Since then she says he has improved, “Gian has had a lot of improvements; he went from wiggling his toes to completely moving his legs. He wiggles his upper body even his head sometimes. And he cries when people call him over the phone.”

The family has until Sept. 30 to try to find the last doctor they need.

“It’s a horrible feeling to hear someone say ‘oh your kid is going to expire in 24 hours, 48 hours, or he only has 72 hours you better hurry up’. And then constantly hearing no. It definitely takes a toll on you because at this point you want to do so much but your hands are tied.”

Pricilla is still looking for the last doctor she needs for her son. The family is hoping to find it before Sept. 30.

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