PRIMERA, Texas (KVEO)—A court hearing held Tuesday ruled that a Primera man will not be given his animals back after finding they were treated cruelly.  

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Videos obtained by the Primera Police Department last week show a man hitting a German shepherd multiple times in one instance, and swinging a cocker spaniel over a table by the leash in another.  

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When given the opportunity to speak for an opening statement, Jonathan Sanchez, 20, revealed that he believes this type of treatment towards animals is normal.  

“Those animals weren’t cruelly treated,” said Sanchez. “A lot of people hit their dogs…[it] shouldn’t be a crime.” 

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In the video where it appears Sanchez is hitting the German shepherd, he claimed that he and his spouse were restraining the German shepherd while they shaved it.

Jonathan Sanchez during court hearing.

He provided no justification for the video involving the cocker spaniel.

The following videos filmed from Sanchez’s neighbors security cameras were presented to the judge.

View discretion is advised.

Credit Primera Police Department

Video provided by the Primera PD where Sanchez appears to be hitting a German Shepherd, towards the top of the screen.
Video provided by the Primera PD which shows Sanchez swinging a cocker spaniel over a table by the leash.

After watching the videos, the judge ruled that Sanchez did cruelly treat both his animals and that ownership be stripped from Sanchez and turned over to the County animal shelter.  

Jonathan Sanchez (Credit: Primera Police)

Sanchez has 10 days to appeal the decision.