Eva Longoria encourages Texans to get out and vote; campaigns for Biden

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AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Political parties sometimes use star power to sway some voters. Texas Democrats are getting some help this election season from Actress Eva Longoria.

She’s encouraging Texans to get out and cast their ballots.

“The fact that Texas is in play, like which, you know, and I think historically, Texas has always been such a red state that people just assume, ‘well, my vote doesn’t matter.’ And now we’re seeing this outpouring of people who are progressive and want change,” Longoria said Tuesday.

Longoria has been advocating for Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden across the country.

“The current administration is not working for the American people, it’s working for wealthy Wall Street people—we need change. At the family level, we need economic mobility. We want to make sure that our families can live a life of dignity. We want access to quality education, and we need health care,” the actress explained.

Longoria also said the Democratic nominee is the right choice for Latino voters.

“You want Joe Biden, because he really fights for the American working family. He understands the struggles that everybody is facing right now. And this November, we have the opportunity to make that difference and to send that message,” she said.

Republicans argued President Donald Trump is the right candidate for the Latino community, however.

“While Biden seeks the support of Hollywood’s elite to make his final case, President Trump has delivered for Hispanics across the country,” said Yali Nuñez, the director of Hispanic media for the Republican National Committee.

“Whether it’s with historically low Hispanic unemployment numbers or through the Paycheck Protection Program, where 4.4 million Hispanic business owners received funding to keep their businesses operating, President Trump offers results. On Nov. 3rd, Hispanics should vote for a leader who empowers them and a not a 47-year career politician who supports socialist policies,” she added.

Longoria also explained the importance of Latinos heading to the polls this year in Texas, specifically.

“Texas has been known for its voter suppression tactics. And so you have to stop and wonder, ‘why don’t they want me to vote? Why don’t they want me to exercise this power?’ Well, they don’t want change, and they want to keep the status quo. That doesn’t work for us,” she said.

You can watch the full interview with Eva Longoria below.

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